Relocation and your child(ren). What you need to know.

It’s home buying and selling season and if you are divorced with children and are planning to move, it’s time to think about what requirements you need to fulfill in order for your children move with you. What are the requirements for divorced parents when moving with your children?

There is a specific law in Missouri that directs how relocation takes place. The simple way to describe it is, you need to let the other parent know, in writing, that you are relocating. Your notice should be sent by certified mail and you need to be within certain time frames of your parenting plan.

If you know the school the child will attend, or the move isn’t far from the original location, you can probably put a lot of that in the email. If you do that, be sure to make the other side waive the requirements of certified mail.

It is very important not to assume that you can move; because you’ve remarried, have a job opportunity, your spouse is deployed, or you/your spouse is transferred. If you have children with another person and have court orders that govern what that other person’s parenting time looks like, it is important that you consult a family lawyer before you start this process.

We would be happy to help you in your relocation decision. Call us today (314) 783-9400 or visit our website to learn more on relocation.

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