The Balancing Act

As a business owner and a mother of 2 sets of twins (plus 1 bonus kid) finding balance between the law office and family at home can be challenging. Particularly for new professionals that do or do not have kids, you really don’t know what is going on day to day.

The first thing I suggest is making a routine. Going to the gym, meditation, yoga, or whatever works for you, will help you mentally prepare and keep you accountable to sticking to a routine. I usually go to the gym, come home, take care of the dogs while doing a load of laundry, make lunches for the kids, and prepare for the day at work.

At the office, if I don’t have court or client meetings, it’s time to make a list. I make a home and work list. I feel it’s important to write the list first thing so that it can set up the rest of my day and helps knock out a few at a time. If possible, I ask myself, what on this list if I complete first, will make the rest of these obsolete?

These are just a few tips I use to handle my day. Keeping a routine is important but it is also necessary to not get upset when things don’t work out. If you have had a change to your life that may affect your parenting time, then give us a call (314) 783-9400 and we would be glad to help.

Check out the new 50/50 Custody Law and how it affects your custody plan here.

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